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you're the feeling I wake up with
you're the grain that makes me sleep
you're my sandman who shows dreams by hoping
your beauty is like crimson weed
you're my sins emotion - deep pure lust
you're the pain that shows me I'm alive
you're my days beginning- end of all dark
you're the measure for my guilds worth
you're the creed I give for believing
you're the god I would pray to
you're my lifelong wish for forgiving
you're the sin that makes me guilt
you're just a sput in my cosmos
but why do you mean so much to me?
you're so credulous in your fictive world
you think I love you but I wanna rape you instead
you're gluttony, you're greed you're envy
you're pride ,you're wrath, you're...
you're lust, you're sloth, you're perfect
you're seven a reason to live
you're the bungler of my stairway to heaven
you're the keeper of my gate to hell
you're everything which stands between us
you're just my last sadistic fuck

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