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You've Got No Friends - lyrics

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people starve from our avarice
and nature cries no more rules like this
revenge and rage just to satisfy
billions of rich see others die
woman and kids abuse for faps
while we sit here just to relax
I advise the poor to run
and tell the rich that you could be their son
here I am I live again
but I suggest to be my fan
sun will shine and I will wine
don't scream for help
you're not my friend
here you're under control
I don't have a soul that's me
I'm not interested in humanity
but money and luxury
through the years I've seen myself as a failure
I began to understand my life
suppressed hate, rebellion and fighting
the thought of peace must start with love
so will you assholes finally stop with those wars
will you now live in harmonic brotherhood
do you know what this has got to mean
I say you have to love your neighbours and
your enemies

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