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The Changeling - lyrics

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Stars were bright one summer's night,
When a child was born in candlelight.
And mother's eyes, gentle and wise,
Full of tears watched her dear.
"Listen my dove," she whispered with love,
"Please always stay with me."
The child, she grew too fast as autumn and winter passed.
She ran through field and forest,
and danced in the rain with eyes alight,
She sang into the trees,
spun through the mist as day turned into night.
"Daughter, my dear," said mother with fear,
"Why do you run to the trees?
The world is cruel, full of ghosts and ghouls,
so stay here safe with me."
"Mother, I'm not like you,
I have to run through the blue.
The forest's dark calls to me,
I know what I feel is true.
Something out there waits for me,
I feel it when my heart tries to break free."
And so, on her sixteenth birthday,
The girl looked into the black of the night,
Her chest filled with longing,
and she cried out to the darkness: "Take me home!"
Mother rushed through the door,
(Still to this day, dreaming away)
stumbling and blinded by tears,
(The mother waits for her child.)
She fell onto the floor,
reached out as the night brought forth her fears,
Eyes burning brightly,
(A wish to the stars to heal her scars)
the Changeling fled into the woods,
(And bring her treasure home.)
she disappeared.

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