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Morning Clock - lyrics

Alarm Clock
Imagine the land of peaceful living
Imagine there´s nothing that will bother you
All the tales do end with happy endings
Just before the morning comes
to rip your dreams
Kill by sound
Why the dreams are ment - just for sleeping
Why does morning come - with reality
Why the time is taking - all that matters
Let me keep last grain - from all of midnight dreams!
That moment is - coming now
You can hear that - nasty dreadful sound
Reality calling - bitters left from all sweet
Get up instead of falling
Straight shoulders high chin
Day is here!
Why the dreams should be - ment for sleeping
Why should morning bring - cruel reality
You can´t let time take you - all that matters
You should keep all grains - from all your midnight dreams!
I do live my dreams - I´m not sleeping
Letting them be my - own reality
I am sharing time - with all that matters
Sowing around grains - growing our daydreams!
Growing our daydreams!
Growing our day - dreams!

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