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Everybody's talkin' in the homeroom
Plans are being made for after school
Should you tell them how you're really feelin'
Or go along and play it cool
Well, I know, I know
How it feels, I know, I know
Everybody's talkin', about a good time
Something tells you something isn't right
But when you're lonely and the pressure's on you
It's really hard to stand and fight
Well, I know, I know
How you feel
Torn between the mind of the crowd
And the matters of the heart
I know, I know
How you feel, I know, I know
There's a light that holds you in the darkness
There's a candle burning in the wind
And if you can lean upon the Father
You can find the strength within
Well, I know, I know
That you can
Now it seems like everybody's against you
And no one realy cares
You don't know who to trust,
You don't know where to turn
Well at least you know you've got a prayer
So reach out for the one who understands you
Oh, He's been there
He knows, He knows
How you feel
Well, I know, that He knows, He knows
I know, I know, that He knows

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