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Walk with Us - lyrics

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Hey, Ash!
Do you know what we're going to do today?
No, Stef!
What are we going to do today?
I have no idea!
Let's go wherever our legs take us!
Yes Stef! Let's walk!
Wow, walking's fun!
Walk with us, through London town
It's full of fun so don't bring us down
Walk with us, dont' be a scrooge
We feel so gay (meaning happy)
And there's a CAT!!
(Ashley)"So I haven't seen Dru in a while...."
(Stefan)"Maybe he's sleeping?"
(Ashley)"At one in the afternoon?!?!"
(Stefan)"Sorry Ash!"
Hey! There he is!!
How's it goin?
I haven't seen you for a day
Last night I was holding up the (?)
To score me some drugs, muthafucka!
I dropped twenty whole bowls of kelpo
Before throwin up all over
Then the police came, I shot them
And I scored me a car, muthafucka!
I drank, drive, get high, fucked hos all night
And if I meet your mom, I won't be polite!
That's right!
Ya bitch
Dru, you've changed.....
Walk with us though London town
Now we found Dru
Dru...Dru got...found
Walk with us, our song is done
So long, farewell!
To everyone!
(Dru) "BYE!!"

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