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First Time Thrill - lyrics

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Since the age of three I lived in silent misery
Was taught to keep the faith, obey the rules, and pray
I knew the day would come when I'd break free from everyone
To claim my freedom and to disappear away
It must be unreal, first time thrill
To be free of guilt to sin
To experience and feel warmth inside me
Through your solemn eyes I'll see a different light
In you solemn eyes I'll drown with you beside me
Through your solemn eyes..
Across the clouds of clove fields we'll disappear
The night is young, I know, but I can't wait too long to go
Away from prison, wicked place where I belong
You promised you'd be near to take me far away from here
Tonight's the night, I know you'll come - I can't be wrong
I'm counting every hour, I'm counting every breath
As anguish gains its power, I can't control my wrath
I feel like I'm lost tonight, I fell like the world abandoned me
I shout out with all my might, to conquer this endless misery
I'm looking through the window, I think I'm going mad
Perhaps I'm stuck in limbo, I'd rather die instead
I'm flying into the night, I sense lethal ground is drawing near
And something just isn't right, I landed and fainally can hear
I'm screaming in pain
As I sail to the shores of frever
Gliding fast through the layers of time
I confess we could not be together
Was it really so heinous a crime?
Living a lie that you're just an illusion,
living a lie to pursue my delusion
How could I dare to create my own world?
Dreaming, living forever in love
Living - forever in love..
Dying - forever in love.

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