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Your head is weighed down by the crown, your eyes are
closed and face is drawn
No one can be trusted, no one's on your side
The clock ticks as your body aches; can't stop the demon
that awakes
The urge to leave your inner senses far behind
You face the painting on the wall and wonder how you lost
it all
Recalling every minute of your great demise
You'll light the fires - burn to dust, can't hear their cries -
you've lost their trust
You know that you are sending them to paradise
One day...
(One day to live)
One night...
(One night to die)
Through fading time and darkening sky
A sister's laugh, a mother's cry
How in the end - 'twas all a lie
They're far away - can't hear you call
Who could've guessed what grief would bring
Was reckless passion worth it all?
You always knew that tears could sting
You won't give yp, you'll stay alive
Your will is strong, you will survive
What goes around will surely come around
Mary - don't go round

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Midnight Eternal