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From a dream she wakes to a barren frozen sky
Rain is pounding the window pane outside
Shadows in the night swirling, tears are falling
All around her are memories
Tell me why he won't remember silence in the night
Magic swirling all arounds us, calling
When I close my eyes I'll always see you in my dreams
In another life she was walking in the wood
Meet me at the lake tonight
Calling out to him always there is no answer
She was waiting all on her own
But tell me why you won't remember storms of frozen ice
Sea was calling in the distance, crying
High above the world they floated, never touching ground
Something's always bound to happen, surely
He was the one who wanted
He was the one who was always there
She was the one who called out
Never wanted more
All the love she dreamed before

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Midnight Eternal

Midnight Eternal lyrics