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When Love and Faith Collide - lyrics

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Darkest night turned into shiny morning
By the turn of friendly cards
Flash of light, then, without warning
Love awoke inside their hearts
She confessed to him she even dared to resist her inner fears
But the voices outside whispering
"He does not belong in here"
When love and faith collide
Feelings can't defeat their pride
Slave to righteous prophets in disguise
Love will always pay the price
When love and faith collide, reason's taken for a ride
Ain't no stranger to this sacrifice
Love will always pay the price
By the endless dawn she takes a vow
To let you go of sinful dreams
Troubled whispering
To end it now and forget about him
How can you explain a broken heart
What had crushed that precious bond?
Why two loving souls were set apart
Leaving feelings far beyond?

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