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Wake up with a smile on my face, looks like another lucky day
Don't care what the weather app says, these days are sunny anyway
Yeah, and baby
I can't ask for more
The way you pull up
Outside my door
With the radio up
Playin' my favorite song
And I'm gone, and I'm gone and I'm gone
It's a perfect life, yeah
And you're takin' me to paradise
Underneath the technicolor skies
Spinnin' life into a miracle
Everything is gold
Weekends with the top down, kickin' my feet out in the summer air
Get to the secret spot we found
With no one else around
Love is everywhere
And baby when you're gone
I'm sleepin' with your
T-shirt on
I'm dreamin of a
Hidden beach tonight
You & I
The moonlight
You & I ...
It's a perfect life yeah
Stardust fallin'
I keep calling
For you
What you do...
You're takin' me, takin' me, takin' me to paradise... yeah

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In The Light Of Love (EP)