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[Chorus: x2]
I'm super clean
I'm super hard
Ultra violet baby
Shot from afar
B-b-bitch don't you know who we are?
B-b-bitch don't you know who we are?
Pimpin I'm super clean
Pimpin I'm super hard
Ain't into pimpin but
Love liven and super broads
I'm on a super grind
I'm out here gettin mine
I refuse to be a beggar in a soup line
I tell 'em 'see ya later' mothafucka
Soup kitchen
You can catch me in the cater
[? ]
Crank off 30 spoke
First eight corner dippin
You should see the volks glisten
Similar to fo's tippin
You should see us in the condo-minium
With pretty women
All strippin
Bunch of playas
Shit, yeah
We all tippin
I took a bank roll
Threw a couple grand
Told the youngest ho
"see that's how I do my superman"
And you a super girl
Good hair, super curls
She was super thick
And she sucked some super dick
I let her get my number
Told her hit a playa later
I told my wife bout her
And we did a will and jada
[Chorus x2]
I'm pimp tight MJ
I know you mad hatin
But my infra-red beams
Spot you like a dalmatian
My tuesday hoe
Riding round with my friday bitch
That's what you call teamwork
Nigga try that shit
If you a pimp
Pimpin hard-
Keep it pimpin
Workin hard hoes
And hard working women
I gotta caddy, nigga
Nigga want to get a caddy
A caddilac nigga?
No, it's the super caddy
With a super motor
It make it go super fast
Give me all my money
Bitch, ho, do the math
I don't even want half
Ho I want it all
My money, [? ]
So I'm a sag the drawers
And put you mouth up
Might do it half price
Just right too
Half black an half white
Don't even act shy
Ho I know you with it
Do it like Vivica Fox did it
Reach out and get it
[Chorus x2]
Big boss
My girls say I got a hustla belly
She like to climb on top
And ride that rollacoaster baby
Up and down
Round and round
Super clean super mean
Fly, like a gulfstream
Purple in my bloodstream
Oh yellow Cinderlla cigarillos for my green
Hit the club 30 deep like a football team
Southern rap royalty
Hated in the industry
Ghetto super star
Remember love for us in the street
Any city any town
Stick me where the hood at
Talkin bout my life up on this mic
That's what I'm good at
Still keep my heat
Even though I know them boys watchin
And it ain't never took a lot
For me to get it poppin
I'm droppin shit on niggas
Talkin bout them running things
I'm hitting eagle bitches
In the forehead with this game
Lame niggas imitate
But they can't do it the same
Fuck all haters
Go and get your money man
[Chorus x2]
[killer mike:]
I'm playa fly
I'm playa fresh
Fresh dressed to impress
Like I'm a pimp's pet and flesh
Animal skins
What a man [? ]
Only have Mars Slippers
4X matching vest
I'm feeling good
I'm looking hood
As I'm watch the world
Through the Benz logo on the hood
Fly boy fat boy
Fat boy fly boy
I taught women it's thick
Like a [? ]
Man I startin to feel
Like a young Willy Dynamite
32 flavors baby
Got em black brown white
Even got an asian
Sex is amazing
Have seen her ass
And I think she's Malaysian
Takin your over class
And she said when I hit her
That down south dick
Damn near ripped her and split her
Every time I'm with her
It's grind time official
Cause I be like "ugh"
And she be like "killer"
[Chorus x2]

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