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Now You're Gone - lyrics

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come along, come along
you'll see
we were kids 'til half past three
please don't hold my hand again
and say it's wrong
'cause I am here, when you were here
and now, now you're gone
there's empty promises in my hands
with broken rules of being friends
familiar silence for far too long
'cause now you're gone
your mistake
I don't feel the same
'cause you'll go home
and you'll go back, now
to.. what's her name?
and I hate your late night
calls and I hate your shit
but that's not my problem now
it's clear.. it's hers
what do you want from me?
what do you want from me?
pour a shot glass on a whim
with my patience wearing thin
across the room is where we start
unsteady hand and heavy heart
symmetry thoughts, the lines get blurred
tomorrow we don't say a word
could've made this easier all along
'cause now you're gone
now you're gone

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