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Number in a Cage - lyrics

Relieved of my eggshell here I am,
let’s see what life has to offer!
Welcome brother, you’re warm.
Sister, you are here, too, let’s search for mum!
I am afraid.
Where do they take us?
They carry us
with huge cold hands.
I am afraid!
Come closer, brother,
it’s so cold here…
Perhaps our mum is preparing our new home
and she will fetch us soon.
Brother, we’re not alone.
Just look around, see all those waifs and strays!
I am afraid.
It’s getting louder.
I hear the screams,
I smell the fright.
I am afraid!
Come closer, brother,
it’s so cold here…
they grab you!
they turn you!
they kill you!
They throw you away in the shredder!
I look into your terrified eyes.
They’re murderers!
They grab me!
They’ll kill me!
I close my eyes,
preparing for death,
for my first and last flight.
I feel the air,
take a final breath,
but outch! I wonderously land!?
Now I am just a number in a cage,
serving an egg each day.
Brother, you’re in heaven now.
One day, when I’ll get out of here,
I’ll fly to the sun, fly to you!

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