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Whiskey Sour - lyrics

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Now I'm at the party and I hate everyone
There's a band playing but they're almost done
I'm standing at the bar and I hate everyone
When the band finish playing? Are they never done?
A gitl next to me spills out her whiskey sour and I pretty sour you made me wait to soon half an hour
I see a guy that I slept with last year
I'm pretty sure he slept with all the girls in here
I'm standing at the bar and I don't know anyone
But everybody starts dancing cause the band is done
I like that song they're playing I heard it somewhere as a kid
I should've got the album but I never did
I only came here to hang out with you
I stared smoking cause I don't have anything to do
I would have called you if I had some credit on my phone
I always feel so stupid in a bar all alone
You're always late making me wait I only came here to hang out with you
But suddenly I have a deja vu..about a deja vu.. about a deja vu..

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