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Hail Mary - lyrics

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Naomi got married
And Flannery became a dancer
And Ben got a baby girl
'Fore mama got sick with cancer
And Lady believed in something holy
So much she went to war
Said, "I'm not her, you don't know me
Gone somewhere I ain't never been before"
I'm still here, weaving a tear
Into cheap gold, a story told
You've got a gift, now give it to me
And Hail Mary
Oh, go long
May I never do you wrong
And Erin flew off the handle
And I went to the funeral
For her, I lit many candles
She was beautiful, I knew her
And Pony made lots of money
Turned his soul into gold
Said, "Time's a funny motherfucker"
Got stolen cooling by the window
I'm still here, nursing a beer
In some cheap bar
And I can't hear, it's all white noise
So play it, boys
And take it, Meg
And I cried watching the runners
On the sidelines of the marathon
And I dreamt my friend was the winner
And don't you know it, babe, he was
Oh, I love you, oh, my child
How the crowd went dizzy
How the crowd went wild
And you, my friend, you feel like fire
As the speakers boomed a soft Sinatra
New York, New York, it's us this time
We're all winning, we're alive
So Hail Mary
Oh, go long
Cross my heart, hope I die
In your arms

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