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Being Me - lyrics

I live with you too long for that,
To know who you wanna be in me.
We together will always do the bad,
(For as much) As I suffer, you really wanna be.
I need to be a stronger person.
To stroke harshly as a gesture of affection,
(For that) You are obscenely renowned.
Other time you lose your sad perfection,
And you're too weak to be found.
I wanna be a stronger person.
I'm becoming the slave of my anxiety of death,
Wherefore I might as well fear the truth.
We the people know the Earth is a place of death,
But still it's the sole gate to freedom, see my proof.
I used to be a stronger person.
Dice with me, dance with me and tear me apart,
Whisper in me and murder me.
I chose the courage and life, as well as heart,
There, become the evil you really wanna be.
I suppose to be a stronger person.

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