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Orange Moped - lyrics

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20 years ago when my grandpa wasn’t old
He bought himself a ride
He needed it to ride and travel everywhere
Beneath the crimson sky
My father told me so that someday you will get old
And buy yourself a ride
Together far away and through the endless ways
We'll fly like the wind
Buy it now and use your savings
Like an eagle in the sky and a lightening through the eye
A heavenly machine
Let's go and buy you one hell of a ride
Orange moped - sometimes it hits the speed of light
Orange moped - everytime it rains it always starts
When you are 15 years and jerking most of year
You need to be cool
The mustasch on its place, a pair of pilots on your face
It's time to hit the road
When girls are standing by then a cool shadow appear
The contour of your bike
You are feeling pretty cool and you're playing with the rules
Impress all the girls

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