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Eric Thomas - Pain is temporary - lyrics

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Listen to me.
Pain is temporary.
It may last for a minute,
or an hour,
or a day or even a year.
But eventually, it will subside,
and something else will take its place.
If I quit however, it will last forever,
y'all spoiled, some of y'all spoiled,
your parents have done everything for you,
you never had to do nothing for yourself
you're spoiled.
We gon' keep it real tonight.
Some of you are spoiled brats.
Everytime you ever got in trouble, somebody in your house got you out of it.
Everytime you done something you're not supposed to do
people say "Eric your mother's a tyrant"
She kicked me out, you're right
She's mean
but she developed a man
because she put me out there and said "you gon' have to grow up"
and some of you have never learned to grow up.
And so everytime something gets hard you quit,
you call momma.
I DARE you to take a little pain.
I dare you.
I dare you not to go home.
Somebody said if I don't go home I'll feel bad,
go through it!
You ain't gon' die!
At the end of pain is success!
You ain't gon' die because you felt a little pain!
I'm not eating like I eat at home,
that's why you about to go to the next level,
becuse if you keep eating like you did at home
you gon' keep being a boy or girl
it's time to because man, woman
but I'm exactly where I wanted to be,
because I realize, I gotta commit my very being to this thing
I gotta br- I gotta breathe it, I gotta eat it, I gotta sleep it,
and until you get there you will never be successful in life.
But once you get there I garauntee you the world is yours,
so work hard and you can have whatever it is you want.

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