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Stone's Ode - lyrics


When I see rivers tearing hills
Finished with mountains with the hill at my back
I watch silt sink
The river shown by walking downhill
Breath becoming clouds, becoming rain
Uprooting hillsides, dissolving bones

The stone groans an ode
To wind and dust clouding
In air, the song revealing
The standing wave in the stream
Bodies assembled of dust
Brought temporarily
In the river, the rocks groan
Oh, water pouring through me, pouring my mouth
Trees bend in my sighing and lie down

The river shown groans an ode
To form and assembly
Alive, the song revealing
At the end of the day
Cold light comes from the side
I stop what I'm doing
And a river of cold wind brings night

Night falls, cloaks the world
Impenetrable darkness
A chill rises from the soil
Erodes the world of dreams
In ashes and fog
Suddenly life has new meaning
Alive, propped on bones
Overwhelming feeling
Confused, watching dust dancing
In the blow the stones erode
The river revealing
Awake, revealed and fleeting

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