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I over think too much
and this weight becomes to heavy to handle.
But there's a solace in introspection,
Because living in my mind is easier.
I'm finding out that I don't have a lot to say to people these days,
yet I have so many thoughts running through my mind.
I am desperately longing to create something of substance,
so that my thoughts become the words I somehow can't find.
They are lost,
and I can't find them.
They are lost, but i am trying to find what is lost.
But i'm buried in the weight of everything you said.
I'll spend my days in solitude,
I'll never leave this bed.
And when you left, I told myself that I would carry on.
But I'm struggling to find my way.
Unsure of this path I walk, but I carry on.
I carry on.

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Protection - Single