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Kicking my sheets
Off myself in my sleep
Wrestling my guilt while submerged in a dream and I can’t help but feel helpless
We could sing harmony, and my soul felt in tact
Keeping in sync with the world at our backs
So I guess I must have fallen flat
Maybe I’m wasting my time
But that's fine
I can't be held to the light
Where have I been?
I'll sink in my skin
Maybe I'm cursed
Caught in a spin
Sorrow sets in
Falling head first
Submerge, submerge
If I took it back
And tried again
Would these themes repeat in my head?
Settle for a failure in the end
These words still feel like drowning to me
An elegy is all I'll ever be
Maybe I wasted your time
And that's fine
I let it drift too far to find
Drowning in the dark

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