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I didn't know you changed my world around
When you came into my life I found
What I've been searchin' for, for years
That is standing right in front of me
A friend you were to me
Remember you stayed up and talk to me
Now it's so hard to believe
That you're here with me,
You... You're that special one for me
It's you... You have every thing I need
In you... No one else can treat me like
You do do do do do
That's why I'm here with you, mmm
The special bond that we share
Nothin' else on this earth compares
It seems like the flower continues to grow
Blossoming to something beautiful
I reach out my hand to you
And hope one day you'll say I do
Anything... Everything...
Oh, for your love 'cause
You're that special one for me
All I need is you
All I need is you
Repeat CHORUS (2x)

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