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Skjøn jomfru (English version) - lyrics

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A maiden stood on mountaintop
gazed down the valley so deep
She saw a sailing ship approach, ship approach
Three counts were onboard
The youngest of the counts
who were on board the ship
He wanted to take the hand, take the hand
of the young maiden
He took off his finger
a ring of golden red
He said take this my dear friend, my dear friend
Take this and be mine
When the count had travelled abroad
came another man
who wanted to steal her heart, her heart
and they got along so well
The count arrived at the wedding
and asked the bride to dance
They danced so lovely around the floor
and she paled liked a sheet
Tell me why are you so pale
why are you so blue?
Because the others have fooled me, have fooled me
and told me you were dead
Well if the others have fooled you
and told you I was dead
then you shall see me dead, see me dead
before the sun sets
The count went back to his chambers
locked the door after himself
Then he took out his shiny knife, his shiny knife
and ended his own life
Hear me all maidens
hear me, my best friend
You spoke with two tongues in your mouth
and had them both in love

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Takk og farvel; tida er blitt ei annen

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