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Das Omen - lyrics

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You get eternity
Tremendous extasy
That`s what you get from me
You will call me when you fear
It`s just a simple deal
That you won`t even feel
With blood you seal this easy and simple deal
Once this is sealed and signed
You will be mine all time
For all eternity you will have to follow me
I will get you
You won`t get me
If there`s a ghost in your mind
Call the omen
If there`s a devil in your dreams
Call the omen
If there`s a monster on your roof
Call the omen
If there`s a witch on the hill
Call the omen
I don`t believe in you
Of what you say and do
I will not sign this deal
Do not care how you feel
Don`t want eternity
Don`t want this extasy
Don`t want to care for these
So please set me free

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