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Far away,when I'm dreaming
I remember all I was before
Yesterday,a passing memory of life
Now I've lost control
Spinning,I descend to a programming
Nightmarish passion
Destined to serve them
The ones who would control my actions
Slowly I progress into a state of domination
Your penance I've become
Watching my reflection through the eyes of
devastation,Is this really me?
Come into my field of vision
This I cannot control
Slowly watch my arms unfold
Beckoning you
Feel the life you hold for a moment
Fear in your heart as
I'm holding it out in my hand
Desperation's point of view
From this I've tried to hide
Every waking moment
I never seem to find
Release from the silent screams
Running through my mind
I cannot control reactions
Living lost & blind
How do I send & not break?
I'm being shut down,my final call
An escape from madness,sent a program
Control is a corruption of mind,a design
I'm falling through realms of a world
That's not mine
Now abberation I stand here before you
A silent projection,a window through time
Seeing reflections,avoiding the future
The shadows that dance on the wall are
left behind...
Control is corruptions design of mine
Waking from my inner sleep I find that I've
lost hold now
Why was I chosen,& why am I here
Who has done this to me
My static frequencies bend
The only thought I'll ever know

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