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Hey Babylon let us do something you know

Ouh yeah it’s all about that feeling grown down deh ya

Like a flower in the concrete only sky a de limit now

So I need spiritual food real tings real vision

enough fi that short life fit me ambition

Try spread the right direction for elevation

Zion is my mother land freedom my destiny

Naâman a Lion me nah like captivity

Me bun up dem wicked extremist strategies

Politic of fear is the human tragedy

Never let dem put dem hand pon your island

Everyone need a place to defend

Liberate yourself from vanity, that’s the priority.

« I’m going home right now »

Freedom s calling for a change we a calling man a deep rock hard and your system falling

We can’t trust no longer your mouth time has come for freedom

I miss my home I wanna come back straight to me land

All I wanna do is to live by my own, so long

Overstand the foundation of my creation thing so broad

Truth a me weapon me come fi spread out me vision from France to Japan

I got pain when a see the growing hate in my land religious fanatic violent dem

Emancipate yes liberate yourself from this slavery

My only vision is love and love must shine like stars above me nah like

Weapon in my home, bad speech in my home we fight for toleration

Hey bredda we can’t stay bredda we want more

None a dem a com fi counter the war

Ouh yeah me no need no gun knowledge a the solution

See them war it a come them war it a come

That’s reality man nothing is wrong

Freedom a wanted freedom I sang Freedom for the people

Another lie is one too many Educated the youth violence nah bravery

Another crime is one too many

But police and judge them a never never busy

Them a Fight for the crown burn Babylon Look at to the sky cause judgment a come

Naâman me a real don’t test the lion Don’t pressure me no no no

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Deep Rockers - Back A Yard