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Don’t run away from yourself

Affi know we

Them fi know we deeply in we mind we go daily

What a easy work to rewind straight till the spark of we own flame

See why a rebel youth a come as a strong man

Calling all a those tings moving inwardly

What a great ting to remind why we a deh pon the frontline

A wish my people overstand what a man a really want

To be real in every action be the one

who’s gonna change it

Be an example apply the right thing

make it detected and rise up

The voice is calling and growing like a militia for long time my breddrins a use introspection

I know you can hear the voice can you link it up

Leave all your overage and burn what a break it up

Easy nah feel iniquity cause the comeback a basic ago replenish your belly

Them food is duty but music is nah dummy

We deal with your soul we a promote only quality

Can’t stop me from rising and me fire gonna heal up every blind man

Don’t run away from yourself my breddrins

Watch up them drawing with no water

Them drawing in the concrete please just get up

My breddrins have to rise my people have to shine tired a the baggawire Babylon prophet

The youths they say no way we chase out the devil we don’t want no more fear that the song of a rebel

Yes the rebel anthem fire a go reveal for the people down there we a promote higher level

Like this like a little trip so deep and like a forward in your wildness

Back to your backyard where a growing many roses roses them a nobles nobler than many praises

Capability is not a reason to be proud positivity fi make the good things going on

Musicality a water life in your garden growing and growing like a tree ina your garden

Rise and shine cause your life is a journey a little little little journey

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Deep Rockers - Back A Yard