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[Music: Harris, Lyrics: Greenway]
Ethically aligned to the cause -
Or so I thought
A cause that decried the exploits
Where masses are coerced
Often, social justice is a cynical smokescreen
Only at their bidding
Close-circuit reach - don't overstep my boundaries
Such boundaries that crumble under order
Sincerely you serve your own ends -
Do as I do
I can't tell my left from my right -
Corruption blurs
Face the wrong direction
And we risk containment
Whilst they sanction murder
Close-circuit reach quickly erases all travesties
Such travesties waved away with feeble ease
It's adjudged to be uncivil
You should be at a lower reach
Bound over
Because open thinking is an act of complicity
Leaders are leading by example
'Rights' and 'wrongs' on a sliding scale
Sit atop the order of importance
You too can reap the power harvest
The 'deviant' young get in the way
We become suitably distraught
Whilst their judges take lives near and afar
And reap the power harvest

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