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By the beginning of time, in the migration to east
Longing to live, they found a plain in the region of Shinar
With selfishness in their hearts, they tried to go beyond all
Going into a trail that would change it all
"Let us make bricks and build it strong
To make a city never seen before"
"A tower whose top may reach up the skies
Becoming in greatness and not to be scattered
Over the face of the earth"
God saw the cities and the tower they were making
All of them were speaking the same
They have started with heir madness and nothing
Will prevent them from their intend
Holy lord!
Sending confusion against this madness
Breaking out!
Returning them into their human nature
Holy lord!
Nobody can be above your kingdom
Spreading out!
With the beginning of all nations
Forever forsaken
Forgive us my lord!
Cursed till the end of time

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Leaving All Behind