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I met him in the valley fields
Where dust nor water want to be
Desert sage surrounded me
A native soul to wise to see
He did not seek, but still he found
Me pondering on those sacred grounds
Moved by his grace
I ended up in front of him
Where he laid his hands upon my face
He told the tale we all know
Which echoes in the depths of all
Smothered by time
But when you dare to see it'll come to mind
Borders confined
Appear not to be
That's how the wisdom of a blind man made the white man see
“A meek, humble man of honest sense,
Who, preaching peace, does practice continence;
Whose pious life's a proof he does believe
Mysterious truths, which no man can conceive
If upon earth there dwell such God-like men,
I'll here recant my paradox to them,
Adore those shrines of virtue, homage pay,
And, with the rabble world, their laws obey”

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