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watching the sunrise I am thankful for being
Able to choose the right path to walk
picking the crumbles that somebody left here,
I am not gonna end up dreaming.
I don´t really know
where we´re heading and where do we go
what is the sense of our lives these days
I don´t really know
where we´re heading and where do we go
are you so happy to follow?
little boys swimming through these waters of life
wasting time they´ve been given to make things right,
girls are only feeding for money and fame
getting the silicone lips till they all look the same
how can we be happy paper chasing?
time pressing thinking life is amazing?
let´s get rid of that! stop for a while, cause you might
forget you only got one life.
oh I am happy,
cause I know that I can be myself and I am free to do
whatever I want
I am so happy for the moments in the life when I am sure
bout my place in this world.
better than any drug,
I am talking my happy moments in life,
U know what it is?
the invisible circle around you when you wake up and
the sun is coming out,
you start to dance around for no particular reason,
regardless on year seasons,
you feel like you could fly.
in my case it was the July of 2009
I recon-it must have been the second when I opened my eyes,
I felt like brand new, I felt like I got plenty of time
so I am calling my baby: „oh did I catch you asleep?“
she said: „are you crazy? it´s 4:45?!“
I said: „I could not wait to take you out for a ride-for
approximately two weeks. baby, we´re taking off!
and I plan this to be only you and me,
I still got some money left. I might act a little weird,
because my blood is full of endorphins
that´s cause I am so happy to leave
and I definitely want you by my side!“

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