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Dreams Shall Flesh - lyrics

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I am forever
Forever I will be
In the shadows of the old
My path litten by their gloom
Do what thou wilt
Dreams shall flesh
In the shadow of the shaman
Dreams shall flesh
I call for the ancients
For the bearer of light
In the dark I'll find my way
Never to be led astray
Lend me your torch
And I'll clothe my soul in black
Come with me into the night
Dance with me eternally
Dancing shadows around me whispering
Nosferatu, Mortiis, Incubus
Crawling, howling, roaring, ecstasy
Blood, skulls, death, blasphemy
Inverted pentacle
I dug myself so deep
Into the unholy soil
The black lotus seed
Witchcraft, black magic, sorcery
Kresnik, Dhampir, Kudlak, Kallikanzaros
Strigoii, Moroii, Draugr, walking dead
Slaughter of the weak and innocent
I drown in your fire
And soon I'll stand reborn
Made of flesh my dreams will be
Crimson red of blood
Do what thou wilt
Dreams shall flesh
Speak to the dead
Dreams shall flesh
We are forever
Forever we will be
Purest evil side by side
Blackest star upon the sky
I seek for the kingdom
Where hatred's burning free
And all the wisdom born of fire
Will be a part of me

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Tour EP 2003

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