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Mourningsoul - lyrics

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In emptiness I roam
through the sombre dawnings
I am a living dead
haunted by shadows
End my fucking life - I will not cry
Let me fucking burn - I feel no pain
A life extinct, drowned in sorrow
Dazed by hate and deceit
I sense but immense apathy
when I hear the deathbells toll within
Mourningsoul in torment
Dwell in the obscure
Forever to lurk the unknown
Where will I find my fate
Spread your deadly wings
Let them embrace my soul
Fly me through endless nights
Let me enter the dark domain
Bury my soul among the storms
when I step into an age of darkness
I yearn for thy blessing
Invoke the beast in me
I seek redemption, not for my soul
My salvation is not like yours to behold
The darkest sky beares scars of light
And even death is much to bright
Without a heart one cannot bleed
What is already dead can never leave
The utter cold is what I choose
With a frozen soul and my eyes closed
Take me down to hell - I'll swear the oath
Mark my bleeding soul - I'll sign in blood
As I watch my final sundown
surrounded by past recollections
In the gathering dusk
sorrow is exceeding me
When I close my eyes one last time
I see my burning wrath

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