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In Meditation on the Death of Christ - lyrics

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Far south from
from Golgotha
lies another throne in flames
Sitra Ahra
Ahra bisha
Demons chant their songs in fire
Demons wail and burn in Hell
Abhorrent tongues roll in desire
Eschaton in Paradisum
Far above the barren plain
Crosses stab in Heaven’s veins
Angels ejaculate in praise
Adam crawled out of the mud
Lilith coupled with his blood
Seth begat in infamy
Eschaton in Paradisum
Ep eschaton ton hemeron
The end of days has come
The eye of God sees Or’bahir
The eyes of man shut down in fear
Those within time are nine
Adam is the ninth eye
Adam Om Kadmon
Nom Kadom Kod Mada Kam
Light-power leads the will
of Tzevaoth
Plutonian Zeus appeared
Om Damon Adam Kadmon
Kadmon Adam Mada Kam
:You are one:
When Eve was in (Adam)
There was no sin
When Adam sinned
Disease came in
I am no King
But I am Him
My blood runs red
This world is dead
Yah-Ōn is king
We answered: Amen
And we are Him
We answered: Amen
My blood was shed
We answered: Amen
This world is dead
We answered!
Maryam Tsiyyon borne to the thirteenth rose
Maryam Magdala hold her seven demons close
Maryam Tessōne helped her brothers wounds to heal
Maryam three times in light
Her blessed reign is near
Maryam Tsiyyon let the curse to be fulfilled
Maryam Magdala let her seven demons kill
Maryam Tessōne let her brothers wounds to rot
Maryam three times black
Her cursed reign speaks blood
The nine messengers
Of the temple
Of God
Hold seance
The nine bodies of the Baptizer
Gave witness unto the many incarnations of Christ
Yah-Ōn knows his limbs
From Zion down to Hell
Maran Atha
Our Lord has come
When the Devil met with Jesus
They shared kingdoms
The world shall burn
The tides will turn
Soon to rise
(In) human flesh
Burns inside
In disguise
He will rise
Domedon Doxomedon
Demodon Ea-Ōn
One Lord is gone
One Lord is gone one Lord shall come
Our Lord is Ea-Ōn
It is finished.

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