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Invoked from Carrion Slumber - lyrics

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The witch has come
Mantic foreseer
Grants her summon
Falls upon
The ghost does hover close nearby the temple stones
A magic wand does serve the rite
Blessing all the rotten bones
The presence's called
But bystanders fail to see
The body's raising upright in front of thee
Paleful eyes do point to oblivion
The gates of doom had outcast its mortal one
Scrolls unfold, sigils break
Words invert its meaning dread
Singing her unholy spells
To summon up the ancient dead
All foul flesh has fallen down
Exhume the corpse while bones do crumble
Blaspheme the grave, exalt death's crown
As invoked from carrion slumber
All flesh has fallen down
Exhume the corpse
Bones do crumble
Preserving Sheol's crown
For those invoked
Out of their slumber

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