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The Heart of King Solomon in Sorcery - lyrics

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Lambent flames arise
The portal opens wide
The call was heard, demons appear
Engulfed in flames their presence’s near
Under the ban the ring glows dim
To torture those enchained within
Tongues do stir the ban
Choking the ways of man
No single tool was used to structure
Demonic bile followed abduction
Shadows whirled in bizarre ways
By demons banned within the maze
Amid Hell’s fire
All demons sired
Blasphemous nations
In the temple dungeon
The King holds function
Over the demons
Nocturnal semen
Sea-man of the vast expanse
In desolation spirits dance
Plunder in excessive rage
Fairly banned by the old mage
He is the key!
So mote it be!
Barren soil was raised to hide
The altar of Christ’s sacrifice
Defiled and buried on the mount
Dead bodies rolling underground
Praise the Lord!
Bow before YHVH!
Bul – thalal – tagithamam
Eloith – Iaoth – Sabaoth
Soham – Adam ha-Dam
The heart of King Solomon in sorcery
Et inde intras in Golgotha…ubi est illud cornu
Quo David unctus est et Salomon et ille anulus ibidem
Unde Salomon sigillavit demones
Shettijja is the gate
Elohim is the gate
Elohim waits at the gates
God is the gate
God is the gate
God Is The Gate

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