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When I Sing - lyrics


Your melody is like a love letter
And I’m loving everything you do
Your skin feels just like a rose petal
The remedy that gets me through
Is when I sing

You’re the song that I’m singing
In my moment of weakness

When I sing baby it’s just my way
To tell you I need you

Sometimes it feels like you're a storm comin'
And I ain’t had no rain for weeks
I’m tired of being so far away from you
You know I need you here not in my dreams
So when I sing

I’ll lead the choir of lost and found
I'm reaching up right through the clouds
With everything that makes a sound
I'm gonna sing it out

Sing (I sing for you, I sing for you)
When I sing (I sing for you, I sing for you)
Baby it's just my way to tell you I need you
To tell you I need you

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