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Instinct drives the brain of stalker,
hard for you to understand
Never tired from the hunting,
it follows hunger 'till the end
Lead: Jey
Moving through the hidden spaces,
it awaits the proper moment
Striker full of speed and furry,
represents the mighty threat
Focuses on causing damage,
crushing prey with no regret
Fate is holding strings now,
cold is present all around
Future now approaches,
last sensations fading out
Smooth and silent movement,
force of doom is passing through
You will figure it out in no time,
if you haven't got a clue
Fast and angry comin' near,
time is slowly down, big thrill over fear
Hear it challenge though,
clash is unavoidable, certain ending long enough
Swift move one more dive,
obstacles vanishing, makes you feel so alive
Just thinking how you wanna last,
make it over all of this, weird sensations changing fast
Victim turns to prey in seconds,
trapped without a chance to flee
All will end within a heartbeat,
prey becomes what prey won't see
Lead: Dyz
Lead: Jey
Lead: Dyz
Lead: Jey
Caught inside the final struggle,
opposing life drains away
As it moves back to darkness,
while it tightly holds the prey.

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