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Whining Sounds - lyrics

Hear the whining sounds
They penetrate the social structure
Feel the given way
Of reaching for what we're told
When material values determine existence
And human happiness doesn't even mean
To realize the dream
That lives in many hearts
And in rational thoughts
It lives in many hearts
They are not numb yet
A certain hidden elite intends
To calm with "necessary economical rules"
They rule - so feigningly
None can help us through
If we don't become conscious
That we were driven so far away
From our most important roots
Which we just feel in a quiet moment
Close to our beloved
Those, who resorted to force finally were despised
And did not offer a very promising way
But in fact there are ways
To set the stuck in motion
It's so urgent to take action
Be aware of the fraud
Beyond "Real Politics" and the lie of a system
Individuals become a mass with an administered will

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