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Until I Die - lyrics

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Record four
It's record number fo'
Anybody knows
I'mma let it, I'mma let it, I'mma let it go
I'mma let it go
Oh no
I ain't the type to take a gat and put a hole in your head
I'm the type that take the mic and clean your soul up instead
What I say and what I write is motivation forget it
You want a shady number two, man that's not what this is
It's like we all take sin and adapt it
Used to seem ugly, now it's lookin' attractive
Used to let it bug me
Now we like it when it happens
It's like when it happens, your life is inactive
World's satisfaction will play with your mind
Got you thinkin' get ahead
But your fallin' behind
Yo DMX said, "Lord, send me a sign"
Read a little Revelation, and that's what you gon' find
See in every line, I present you with facts
And yo in every rhyme I design to impact you
Go inside of your mind
I rewind and go back to a place or a time
You traveled off of the map
Do the math, yeah
Money put a smile on your face
Same thing that make you smile will make your smile go away
See the riches of the world might get you da chains and knacks
But in the end, neither one of those'll save your life
Until I die
I'mma take my hopes and dreams
And use 'em to glorify His Name
Until I die
I'mma rep' the one true God
And I don't care 'bout what nobody say
Until I die
I'mma spread the truth to this nation
And show 'em there's a God that can save em'
Until I die
And it gon' take my last breath
Out of my chest I'm gon' praise Him
MTV knows how to get the alleyoop
All they gotta do is mix a little lie with some truth
Come here girl
Let me fix that face up
Need a little less clothes and a lot more makeup
Get all caked up
Oh no, here we go
Another episode
Skippin' down the Hollywood road
Where you goin'?
Nobody knows, nobody cares
Then you wonder why the girls around the world insecure
It's so stupid
You want the truth kids
The media's just one big lie of losin'
It's like I'm watchin' a movie
World's so full of actors
Take a moment listen to me
I'm not actin'
I'm just askin'
Tell me if you're ready to die
If it happened today
Where would your soul reside?
Devil laughin' cause he know how to play with your face
So I just laugh back and pick up the mic and I say
I'd rather die today for what I believe in
Than die a hundred years from now for no reason
Atheists are like, "I don't know why I'm breathin'"
Yeah, there's gotta be a reason
But there's no Jesus
Standin' up screamin', "He's not real!"
Honestly, I'm sorry
That's the way y'all feel
World's kinda like to me
Just a roller coaster
You in it for the ride?
Well, what's up when it's over?
You keep doin' wrong when you know it ain't right
How you live today it turns to eternal life
You let it slip away, and it's gon' blast you
Keep the sin up in your face
Then the truth gon' pass you
My momma used to tell me
"I should follow my dreams"
But most of my life
I just been followin' me
So I'mma take this moment to release my shine
And yo forget about me
Let His will be done man not mine

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