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Can you see me?
The street’s paved with broken glass
Red and blue lights
It’s all happening so fast
Are you hurt, darling?
Why won’t you answer me?
Are you sad, darling?
Tears rolling down your cheeks
Do you hear me?
The siren so deafening
There’s a white light
They call out to you and me
Are you mad, darling?
Why do you scream my name?
I’m afraid, darling
My heart doesn’t beat the same
I’m drawn to you
Without you I’m a mess
You’ve got me so confused
You’re acting like I’m dead
I don’t know what to do without you
I’m lost
Forgive me
It’s been days since I’ve heard you speak
Can I heal you?
Your body’s so broke and weak
I was wrong, darling
I had too much to drink that night
I’m a wreck, darling
But I swear I will make this right
I don’t know why I speak then you turn your back
My family’s dressed up in black
My pictures hang in the frames
The headstone carved with my name
I thought we’d both be okay
But I know I am to blame
But I swear I will make this right

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