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You took my pride
And you thought that I would run
You're second rate and I'm number one
Stay with me
And we'll have a little fun
Karma looks like me, like me with a shotgun
You're a fake
You can take
But you'll never break me
I can't believe you're like this
Another selfish life on a pedestal
Making me worthless
Don't need you to hear me
You'll get it one day
And I'll spit on your grave
A saving grace never came
And you're to blame
When the tables turn
You won't be the same
I'll play along
But the rules are gonna change
You won the match
But I made the game
I never thought I could feel hate like this
You'll get it one day
And I'll spit on your grave
Tape his body to the chair
Unveil the mask so he's aware
He begs and pleads for all my mercy
None to give, he took that from me
Now his face is full of panic
Eyes roll back
You're a traitor
Steal from me, pay the price
Now close your eyes and die

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