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Let Go / Enemies ft. Dylan Brady x Night Love.. - lyrics

Let Go:
No, no, no, no, no, oh oh
[Verse: Dylan Brady & Nok From the Future]
I never should of left you in the first place
I thought you knew
Oh your sweet scent, how could I forget my lily of the valley
Love me then you fuck me and now you're gone
I didn't need you
I didn't need, I didn't need
But you needed me (you needed me)
No,no (No,no)
I ain't joking girl, I'm leaving tonight
I don't want to hurt you but I don't wanna lie
[Verse: Night Lovell]
Don't talk check back, check later
Fuck man I don't care
Called ten times for the waiter
5,4,3,2,1 bitch later
Bitch I got no place
Say that on my grave
I walk around this place
Like bitch i got no fucking way
Girls say please don't leave don't let her
Stay so fake from time no better
Man, I'm Night Lovell
I walk up to this bitch she just got wetter
They say that one dead, never met her
Gave bout 3 damn fucks, never met her
Say bout 3 damn things I kill like
Mic, mic, mic, mic, mic checker
They all just enemies
They all just enemies
I cut these girls real quick so c'mon back like pretty please
Theses men's is enemies
They all just enemies
I know, I know, I know I kill a man with so much ease
Chu' say no damn trendsetter
Look nigga laced up my Beretta
I just shot bout 10 rounds don't claim you better
My gang say pass that Ye
Bitch I know, I know you late
My nigga Dylan Brady bout to take yo fuckin' cake
They just some enemies
They just some enemies
They just some enemies
Theses nigga's some enemies (x2)

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