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Reason to Die - lyrics

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I'm trying to reason with myself, why do I try?
I'm trying to laugh all I can muster is a sigh
Smile for me 'cause I cannot
I'll stagnate and slowly rot
Abandoning reason is reason enough to die
My passion has fled from me
Some countless years ago
Existence a deep stairwell
Descending through the woe
Blame myself I always will
Love autumn's depressing chill
The gloom of a season is reason enough to die
I'm at the end of my rope
I'm floundering, grasping
But can't get a grip on hope
Oh miserable me so short on purpose and on love
Just wasting the gift
That we're all given from above
A dreary lifetime ends,
My living I can't defend
My final chapter entitled reason enough to die
Reason enough to die

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