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Entwined Visions - lyrics

When the sun behind the earth does hide
The mischievous shadow in front even at night
Howling shadows at the innermost of mine
Chased by an enemy and friend at one time
Presence of pain hunted by thee
Thou art often shrouded in mystery
Beautifully veiling the deepest essence
Artfully hiding thy mysterious presence
No brilliant mind canst vanish thee
The second coming is without chance to flee
The salvation of light for which we lust Flares once, then dies, crushed by madness, falls to dust
There is nowhere to shelter there is nowhere to hide
From the shadow that follows silently at night
All forlorn hope must perish, not endure
How could we fail, fail to believe?
Save us from ourselves cause we are fallen
Our soul thrives no more, fearful are we
When the night falls as if slain by the sun
In a heavy, suffocating cloak, entwined are we…

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