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The Final Battle - lyrics

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[The Prince]
Here we are, we stand together, we fight for what is right
We’re marching on towards the palace soon it is in sight
Does the evil prophet know that we’re coming, will he be prepared to die
Has he understood the signs written in the sky
The prophet of evil is standing proud and tall until the end of time
The prophet of evil, he doesn’t know the time is running out for him
I curse his soul
What is this, an ambush, it’s a smaller unit enemies
It seems to me we are expected, I wonder how he was able to see
As we’re marching into the city I see enemy troops on the streets facing me
Hundreds of them, thousands of them, behind them I see
[The Prince/The People]
We still remember how it used to be
In this fair land before he came
To tear apart, he is to blame
[The Prince]
We fight, we fight, the sun shines so bright
We fight for our brothers and for what is right
We fight, we fight, we can see the light
Defeating the enemy before the night
Our arms are strong, we’re fighting what’s wrong
Respect our opponent, we know that he is strong
See you, see me, and what we will be
Guardians of justice, strong, proud and free
Our men are fighting brave in front of me
And I don’t believe in what I see
The evil forces seem to kneel to me
The prophet escapes and now I see
Now I understand, they’re in my command
Get after the wiz, someone says in my mind
I follow him to the palace, my home
And suddenly I find myself all alone
But then I see up the stairs, there he is
I’m grabbing my light-sabre, how can I miss
He’s facing the wall and got nowhere to go
I look into his eyes, I’m making this slow
Now you will pay for what you did you see
To my father, to my mother and to me
I stab my sabre through his heart
But he’s laughing and his clothes just fall apart
The prophet of evil is dead and gone, defeated by the son of the crown
A prophet of evil he will no longer lead us into misery
I cursed his soul

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