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The Power's in Your Hand - lyrics

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My dear sweet prince
I’ve seen you in my dreams
You rise and fall, I’ve seen it all
I wonder how you feel
Now that you’re on the run
Your world is torn apart
Can’t you see how it’s meant to be?
Have faith and trust in me
I’ll show you all the prophet have seen since the dawn of time
I’ll give you strength to change the future to justify the crimes
Now the darkness rules our land
But the power’s in your hand
Since you are lonely you are weak
For the faithful you must seek
Who are you to talk so strange
Who are you to tell me what I want
Who are you to call me leader
Who are you to tell me what to do

I’m the one, since dawn of time
I’m the one to tell you how things are
I’m the prophet of all times
I will help you find the way to go
The faithful leader of the good ones is now in town
You must go to see him, now, at once to justify the crimes

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