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Dust Into Dust - lyrics

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Your heart has turned into stone
False idols sit upon the throne
The seed choked out by the thorns
Left in the dust, tattered and torn
You’ll reap what you have sown
Reap what you’ve sown
So beg, beg for forgiveness
Lying through your teeth
You’ll pay for all the hurt you caused
Fall to your knees
You’ll get what you deserve
The judgement for your corruption
The payment for your misdeeds
Embrace the endless destruction
The cost of all your deceit
You’ll die alone
No longer sitting on your throne
Another lost to the storm
drowning in blood as locusts swarm
You’ll reap what you have sown..
Dust into dust
Eternal despair
Drown in the blood
This is your sentence
Time’s up
Nowhere to run
You fall to your knees
Dying alone
you’ll face your judgement
Your time is up

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