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We obsess over the meaningless
Praise the foolish
Money, death, sex, drugs and ignorance
We live life to the fullest
Our faces glued the screen
Desensitized, lack of empathy
Keep us entertained
Keep us distracted
So we don’t ask the right questions
Keep us ignorant
So we don’t get in the way
We lost all direction
But no one cares
Hellhound on self destruction
We’re almost there
Well never win this uphill battle
When we’re only fighting against ourselves
We must die to live for a revolution
We must die to live
Sell us fear, rip us off
Use us up, out of stock
With our eyes wide shut
Left in the dust
We’re on a sinking ship
Sipping on the kool laid
It was sink or swim
But now it’s too late
It was sink or swim
But now it’s too late
It was sink or swim
Look at what we’ve become
They lead us to the edge and they want us to jump
It’s hard to know what’s real
When reality is hidden in plain sight
We’re just wasting our lives
When we live to die

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